On May 21st, 1852, the first specific Occult-Metaphysical and Spiritualist Bookstore opened its door to the public in Manhattan, New York. The idea was to have a store that carried books and pamphlets, on alternative religion, mysticism, the occult and the spiritual.

We believe that this was the first American bookstore to work within these specifications. Spiritualist writer-pioneers, such as Andrew Jackson Davis, and Julia Ward Howe, came to this store to meet people and to set up sales for their publications. There is some, strong possibility as this store had a locket of Mary Lincoln’s hair (She visited New York City, continually)s a spiritualist. During the World War One Period, this store was renamed “The North Node”. Then, Crowley was in here a bunch of times, and left some autographed books, but Crowley isn’t that popular. I did sell a signed copy of his Konx Om Pax to Rachel Welch his student, but that was about it. When I bought the store I changed the name to where we are now to The Gateway Book Shop, [which then existed at: 30 East 60th Street, NYC, NY, Eldorabo 5-7383″ (cut from a Mary Gorham interview early 1960s)

When Mary died, her business was ended and her books were sold – mainly to myself and to Donald Weiser who ran (Samuel Weiser Booksellers, founded 1926). I did find a few books that dated back to the 1850s, and have kept them as original titles from this store’s birth.

Previously in the autumn of 1967, I had begun the tiny back alley bookstore off South Main Street in New Hope, PA in the fascinating world of Bucks County. I the bookstore was named Terrapin Booksellers. I used the symbol as I had heard a story that the ancient Chinese would place a polished Terrapin Shell on the ground in the moonlight and by looking at the moonlight dancing in the shell’s grooves, would discern various words and ideas from the characters that flashed into focus in front of their eyes.

Mary Gorham had said that Rachel Welch, Georgetown DC, then owned and ran The Georgetown Press, that printed mystical, philosophical, and psychological books. Before Mary had died she told Rachel that she wanted to give the bookstore to Rachel and to either merge it or give it away, as she wanted to retire to Upper Black Eddy in Bucks County, PA, but Mary died before any legal work was done. So Rachel said that she was passing on to me all the implied rights for a new continuance of the bookstore and a publishing company. I wholly accepted this offer.
To my knowledge it became the first Occult-Metaphysical bookstore in all of Pennsylvania and probably one of less than 10 Occult-Metaphysical bookstores in the United States (as I was in touch with that many other sellers, and could not locate names of any others).

At the Terrapin we had many interesting customers, from locals like James Michener, Rachel Welch, Peter Hurkos, Gerald Heard, Hal Just, Harry Smith, Allen Ginsberg. and a large crowd of new people. After 7 years, The Terrapin evolved into a mail order business and then went dormant for a while, and then changed its name to Azaca Mars, selling rare books, mystical and psychically-powered antiques, and also modern art.

In 2012, a new idea was born, to modernize this 160 year old tradition, and that was to split the original bookstore, into 4, separate-but-related under the Leautremontmars Virtual Mall “umbrella”. There were then created The 11 Sister Sites of LeautremontMars.

AmunCine Virtual books that are Occult-Metaphysical Classic Knowledge in new relationships, new mystical poetry, rare, and unknown classics, weird science, and steampunk.
Rare Film Attic Difficult to find Mystical & avant-garde motion pictures. Silent movies (from Dr. Caligari to Betty Compson to Virtual Unknowns that should be known) with new soundtracks created by the eclectic musical group: Urzile Dantor. And finally, newly created motion pictures, produced by Rare Film Attic in cooperation with AmunCine.
Night Mind Live Revival of the Night Time Intelligent Mystical Radio, with new talk radio, covering everything from mysticism to interviews with amazing people, interviewed without commercials and as “open end” programs and classic radio programs.
Jameson Strang Van Rodde Museum for unusual, mystical, and/or ancient artifacts.
June Mars Clothing Museum, featuring such Items as were owned, used, and/or worn by such people as Bela Lugosi, Jean Harlow, Theda Bara, and many others.
Gateway Occult News What is Happening in The Occult-Metaphysical World.
Occult Meta Telegraph Various Information that Relates to the Occult-Metaphysical “World”
Moulee’s World The Wisdom and Vision of an International Transsexual
Science & Vision The Latest “Wows” of Discovery and Science.
Orva Archos Everything you want more info about; Truth in Marketing, and How it Works.
Eclectic Quaker Talking about everything from Ethics in Business to Living Each Day Issues.